Blockchain Presence
A Low-Cost Smart Contract Oracle with On-Chain Authentication

Global Blockchain University Ranking
(Coindesk, October 2021)

What is Blockchain Presence?

Blockchain Presence AG is a Swiss corporation founded in December 2020. In close collaboration with the University of Zurich, the start-up strives to develop and operate a universal oracle platform for smart contracts.

Our history so far

Basic Concept

The idea of an oracle with on-chain authentication was conceptualized by a research group at the University of Zurich.

Spin-off of the University of Zurich

Blockchain Presence was incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland, and became an official spin-off of the University of Zurich.

Austrian Blockchain Award

Blockchain Presence AG won the third prize of the Austrian Blockchain Award in the category of business.

Dividends via Smart Contract

Following the decision of the general assembly, Blockchain Presence AG distributed the dividend for the business year 2021 to its shareholders in the form of MATIC using a smart contract on the Polygon network.

What makes Blockchain Presence special?

Reliable and secure

Providers of information (senders) build up reputation by offering the best service for smart contract developers. Every sender on the Blockchain Presence platform is registered on-chain. This makes the delivery as secure as the underlying blockchain protocol.


The lean design of our platform ensures minimum gas consumption for contract deployment as well as for order and delivery transactions. No token is needed to order data from our committed senders.


Our website provides users with real-time information on the status of the ordering and delivery process. In addition, information from the mainnet about registrations and commitments is passed on to the testnet, which facilitates development and testing.

Upcoming Milestones

Platform Launch

The oracle dapp is scheduled to be launched on selected smart contract platforms.


The shares of Blockchain Presence AG are scheduled to be tokenized on the Polygon mainnet.

Equity Token Offering

A limited quantity of equity tokens of Blockchain Presence AG is foreseen to be offered on decentralized exchanges.